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Welcome to Star Wolf Innovations and Random Spherical Collisions

I know there's some confusion, given the name similarity between this site and that of reknowned Science Fiction author David Gerrold, so let me point you to his site, http://www.thestarwolf.com as a gesture of well-meaning to the misdirected and/or lost.

"They got here right before you did. I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry, too."

I would like to wish Mr. Gerrold much, much good fortune on bringing his work, "Tales of the Star Wolf", to fruition. May it come to pass.

[this page somewhat under construction, and a bit slowly. I don't have much to add to it right now, and my pipe outbound is more like a straw, so I probably won't host much here; sorry.]

It's true -- I got contacted by the esteemed Mr. Gerrold about a year after I acquired my domain*. Having pretty much just acquired it, I didn't really want to part with it (still don't -- once you get a good domain name, you don't give it up unless you can get an equally cool one), which, I am assured (from multiple authoritative sources), is perfectly reasonable...
*the "Created-On" date for my domain is probably a year later than when I actually created it. For what that's worth.
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